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Update: Vancouver Museum attempts to flip (sell) its 18 models doanted to it for cash on Sotheby's)

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  • David

  • Architectural models

  • Poems/Quotes by Michelangelo

  • How Michelangelo created his sculptures

  • Did Michelangelo Suffer From Arthritis?

  • How Michelangelo created his paintings

  • Sistine Chapel ... Did Michelangelo work for Disneyland?

  • Go to Italy to see the Models at Michelangelo's House in Florence, Italy

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  • List of works by Michelangelo

  • What did Michelangelo Looked Like

  • Proof that Models are by Michelangelo

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  • New Discoveries...Did Michelangelo make these?

  • Marble and Air Pollution

  • Unfinished Sketches and Paintings by Michelangelo

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  • Will there ever be another Michelangelo?

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