The Great Michelangelo Search

There are several ways you can help with the search:

1) Send a email to the Vacover Museum asking them to hold a exihibition of their models. The museum is currently planning a exhibit in 2010 for the Winter Olympics. The last time the public saw the models was in 1978.

2) Send a email to the Getty Musueum asking them to hold a exhibiton of the models. The Getty doesn't own any Michelangelo models, but it could sponsor a exhbit. The Getty has a $6 billion endownment. The King Tutt exhibit was based on artifacts from Egypt.

3) Send a email to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts Museum in texas to label their "Day" model as being made by Michelangelo

4) Send a email to the University Art Musuem at the Univeristy of California at Santa Barbara to label their plaque model as being made by Michelangelo. Currently the Plaque is unlabeled and displayed next to a sharks tooth.

5) Search your local Musueum for the Models. The models could already be in a museum but not recognized by the "experts" as being by the hand of Michelangelo.

6) Sign up as a sponsor to help buy models when they are found when the buyer wants to sell. The selling price could be set at $1 million, the price the Vancouver models sold for. The models could then be donated to a musueum in the country where they were found. You could probably recieve a tax deductin for your donation from your country. Futhermore, your name will be forever linked to Michelangelo as being the donor.

You will be contacted about donating when the model is found and the private collector prefers to sell than donate.

Email me at: michelangelomodels@charter.net if you want to sign up as a sponsor.

5) If you have any information about the LOST models please contact me at: michelangelomodels@charter.net