Michelangelo's Day -- Noticed face is fininshed, Houston Museum of Fine Arts Museum

The Houston Museum attribues this mode not to Michelangelo but to Niccolo Tribolo, Italian, (1500-1550) who supposably made this after the Michelangelo's Day statue. This model was last displayed July 20th, 2000 and is now in storage at the Museum.

However, this model is part of the Von Praun collection. It was sold at the 1938 Christies auction. It then became part of the Percy Strauss Collection (buyer at Christies?) in New York. Percy Strauss and his wife dontated the model to Houston Museum of Fine Arts in ???.

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Michelangelo's Day -- face unfininshed

Clay Michelangelo's
Houston Museum of Fine Arts

1850.. Brozed Day Model ..wherabouts unknown after Clay model In Houston Fine Arts Museum. Note this model shows the right left finnished.

Was last in the possession of Mr. Edward Halprin of Vancouver, Canada. Last seen in public in Vancover,Canada 1972. Mr. Halprin is likely dead and model has passed on to his heirs who probably have sold it. Any information about the new owner is apprciated.

Tintoretto did this sketch of the Day now in the Louvre from the clay model and not from the statue which is incomplete.