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Sistine Chapel..Did Michelangelo work for Disneyland?

Disneyland drawings are simple outline drawing with watercolor. Subltle shadding and modeling are absent here.

Cleaning of the Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel ..Jeremiah, One of the last prophets to be painted it was painted freehand without cartoon.

Sublte shadding and modeling are absent. IMHO, when they cleaned the Sistien Ceiling they took off too much and made the Sistine paintings look too flat. Michelangelo probably did use bright colors, so they could be seen from the floor. I'm glad they cleaned the Sistine Chapel's ceiling, they did a good job, but I still believe they took off too much.

Sistine Chapel....Delphic Sibyl
Anohter "flat" painting from the Sistine Chapel

Donit Tondo 1503-04 Tenpra on Panel
46 3/4 inches or 120 cm

Here you can see how Michelangelo use subltle shadow when painting. He didn't do a line drawing here. The painting looks like it is "alive". You can also see how he "outlined" his drawings.

Drawing for Doni Madonna Red, White, and Black Chalk

This sketch by Michelangelo shows how he worked. He would first sketch in the figures and and indicate the shadow areas. See the Madonna face. Next he would apply white for the highlights. See the baby's thigh. Then he would apply shadding to the white are and darken the shadding. Leaving some of the white for heiglights.See the baby's arm and belly. painting. In other words he modeled the sketch he did not apply the white highlight last. You can also see how he "outlined" the figure in this sketch. I learned this from Michelangelo when I was about 10 years old. When drawing in pastels to get a bright color say white or yellow it is best to work as Michelangelo did. If you apply the white or light color pastels on top of the dark colors they are not as bright if you put them down first.

Sybil with a Book

Sktech for Sybil with a Book. Notice how he drew the toe 3 times till he got it right

Drawing for Adam, c. 511, red chalk, 7.5 x 10 inches

Another unfinished drawing by Michelangelo Showing how he worked. This drawing is a for Adam on the Sistine Chapel

A Youth Beckoning c 1503-1504, black and brown ink, 14.5 x 10 inches, 37.5 x 23 cm Made for "Battle of Cascina" this unfininished sketch showed how Michelangelo worked.

Another unfinished drawing by Michelangelo Showing how he worked. This drawing is a for Adam on the Sistine Chapel

Entombment, c.1506, Tempera and oil on panel, 62 x 59 inches, National Gallery London

A Unfinished Painting by Michelangelo

Before and After Cleaning

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