Michelangelo Lost Works Timeline

Under Constrction

lost Works

Year Started Image Title At Age
1490 xxx Mask of Fawn 15
1494 xxx Hercules 19
1496 xxx Little St. John 21
1496 xxx The Sleeping Cupid 21
1497 xxx Cupid for Jacopo Galli 22
1502-8 xxx Bronze David 27
1504-5 xxx Battle of Cascina cartoon 29
1506-8 xxx Bronze Statue of Julius II 31
1506-8 xxx Leda and the Swan 31
1529-30 xxx Tempera panel 54

models accepted by art experts by Michelangelo

Of Michelangelo's many wax and clay models,
only a few have survived, and there is
disagreement about the authenticity
of some of these. Five models are
generally accepted: the

1)clay River God in the Accademia in Florence;

2)the clay Victory group or Hercules and Cacus,

3)a clay male nude, and a

4)clay of the Awakening Giant in the
Casa Buonarroti in Florence;

5)the clay Giant, repaired with red wax, in
the British Museum, London.