A short biography of Michelangelo

What did Michelangelo Looked like?

Death mask of Michelangelo by Voletrra
Michelangelo was 89 when he died.
Michelangelo was born on March 6, 1475 and he died February 18, 1564.
Full name: Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni
Italy (Photo by Giovanni Dall)

Daniele da Volerra, 1565, Florence, Italy

Voltera made this from Michelangelo's death mask

Front ..Medal by Leone Leoni 1560.
Michelangelo really like this portrait he was 85 years old.

Rear.. Medal by Leone Leoni 1560

14" Diameter marble bas-relief culpted around 1545, when Michelangelo was around 70. Private collection Italy. Compare to bas-relief medalion made by Leone Leoni above

Florentine Pieta 1547-55, Florence Cathederal

Rondanini Pieta 1555-64, Florence Cathederal

Victory,1520-1523, h. 102 inches ...(261 cm) The man knelling is Michelangelo.

St. Proculus, 1495, h. 22.75 inches...(58.5 cm)

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Painted by a student who helped him paint the Sistine Chapel

Jacopino del Carto, about 1540

Full picture by Jacopino del Carto, about 1540

Daniele da Volerra, 1533, Florence, Italy
This is a cartoon for the fresco of the Assumption in the church of SS Trinita in Rome

From the Tomb of Michelangelo in Florence, Italy, by Battista Lorenzi

Skin of Michelangelo, Last Judgement, Rome, Italy

S Sistine Chapel, Rome, Italy

Enea Vico, 1545, 2nd version

Statue of Michelangelo outside the Uffizi, Florence.

Bust of Michelangelo on the roof of St Peter's Basilica, Rome

Michelangelo made this self-portrait in Cruxifiction of St. Peter

More on Self-portrait in Cruxifiction of St. Peter

Self-Portrait.rewored by another artist?

Raphael's "School of Athens" painting

After secretly seeing the Sistine chapel, Raphel added Michelangelo to his "School of Athens painting in 1509. Michelangelo was 34,

Michelangelo: Self Portrait, A Film by Academy Award Winner Robert Snyder Video link

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Michelangelo was a small man, perhaps not more than 5' 2" in height and weighing not much more than a muscular 100 pounds. In 1550 Blaise de Vigniere, visiting from France, wrote, "I saw Michelangelo at work. He had passed his 60th year and although he was not very strong, yet in a quarter of an hour he caused more splinters to fall from a very hard block of marble than three young masons in three or four times as long. No one can believe it who has not seen it with his own eyes. With one blow he brought down fragments three or four fingers in breadth, so exactly at the point that if a little more marble had fallen, it would have risked spoiling the whole piece."

Vasari on what Michelangelo Looked like:

About this time the Cavaliere Leoni made a portrait of Michelangelo, a very close resemblance, in a medal. This pleased Michelangelo greatly, and he presented Leoni with a model in wax of Hercules killing Antaeus. We have no other portrait of Michelangelo except two in painting, one by Bugiardino and the other by Jacopo del Conte, and a high relief in bronze by Daniello Ricciarelli.

Works by Michelangelo