I started this web page for as a visual aid for a discussion on alt.sculpture newsgroup. about the models and how Michelangelo used models to make his sculptures.

I always thought the Vancouver models where in a Musuem in Vancouver and was planning on visiting them in the summer of 2004. When I started searching the musueums I found that the models were in a private collection somewhere in Vacouver, Canada.

The Vancouver models were donated to the Vancouver Musuem in 2004 by the Le Brooy Family of Vancouver, whom owned them since 1938. They are now in a Museum vault and will be exhibited sometime in the next 100 years. The museum has to study them before they are exhibited god only knows how long this will take. Or, the Museum may try to flip them for cash. The Vancouver museum lacks the money and space to permanently exhibit them. The last time the Vancouver Models were exhibited was in 1978. They were taken on a tour across Canada. It would be nice if the models were on permanent exhibit in their own museum in Vancouver.

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The models on this web page come from very rare and hard to find books. There have only been five books written on models in the last 100 years. Most Michelangelo books do not have the pictures of these models, since most art experts do not consider them to by Michelangelo. The art experts are not artists they are wanabe artists and basically compare the models to the stautes he made and don't check the paper history of the models going back to the Van Pruan collection. See my proof.

The models show the secret to Michelangelo's work. Most statues look stiff and wooden as if they were pieced together. Whereas, Michelangelo's statues look like they are alive. But, in fact they are pieced together. Michelangelo used a lot of reveresed images and different body parts in his statues.

He also worked from small scale models and free carved his statues. That is he did not carve from point to point. Most modern sculptures work from a larger model and transfer points from the model to the rock and cut away. Michelangelo free carved from a small model. When the model was enlarged such as for the River Gods, this was for the less skilled sculptors that Michelangelo hired to work from.

John Fisher, a sculptor trained in the Michelangelo style in Italy, carved from June 25th till Aug 15th in Santa Barbara, CA, in 2004 four representational figures from a 19 ton chunk of carrera marble. He had no idea what he was going to carve till he got there. He had no pre-sketch, no models to work from, nothing. He carved it for the Sata Barbara Drug and Alcohol Center in Santa Barbara, Ca. When I visited it drug addicts from the Center where viewing the sculpture to meditate on the evil of drugs. I guess rather than hire drug councelors the city of Santa Barbara decided to blow it on a sculpture. I wonder if it works?

The secret to art is that artist work with their right brains to do art work. We have two brains the right and left sides. Both process information differently. When viewing a master's work like Michelangelo's will actually causes you to shift to your "Right" brain and see the work as Michelangelo saw it when he created it. All artists have this ability to a certain degree to cause this shift. But none but the masters can cause a 100% shift in the viewer to the right side of the brain. When viewing this picture by Rembrant you can feel the cold winter day and you can see thru the landscape to Rembrant himself saw it in his right brain mode.

Or, check out the Mona Lisa by Leonardo

(See Betty Edwards "Drawing on the Right side of the Brain")

Scientist's have also found that your brain waves also shift when viewing Masters work to high level "theta" waves. The shift also occurs when you listen to Masters Music like music by the Beatles or Mozart.

I can persoanlly vouch that the right/left brain theory works. I got a BS degree in computer science back in the 70's. When I do programming I can't draw very well. Butt, if I take a long brake I can. Converwsely, when I draw I can't program very well.

I wrote this web page for all the art students and art lovers of M. Since pictures and the story of the models are very hard to find in books on M. I don't care what are art critics (wanabee artists) or curators of M think of my views. I know I am right and they are wrong. But, I will offer a rebutal to their views here on my website to their arguments that seek only to justify their existnence and paychecks. If they had open minds they would agree with me.

I do not promote this website on the internet. I only advertise on Wikipedia M links. I run a constant war with my M critics who delete my links to my website. However, if you are a serious M student and lover you will find me.

Hopefully, someday, a rich art patron will buy up all the M models and make 3-d copies of the ones they can't buy and stick them in a Museum somewhere where everyone can enjoy them instead of being locked up in a private vault somewher. Untill that time occurs, my website will suffice.

So students and lovers of M enjoy ...