I am a natural artist and have been drawing pictures and modeling in clay since I was a child. Michelangelo is my favorite artist. I owe my art skill to Michelangel as have many other artists throughout time. As a baby artist I studied his sketches, incomplete sketches, paintings, and sculptures. and skipped the words on the page. Now with this website I am reading the words along with the photos.

Michelangelo strongly believed that to be a good sculptor you had to know your human anatomy. Michelangelo was planning on writing a book on human anatomy and sculpture but never did.

My college didn't have any human anatomy classes. But it did offer a anatomy class for sports student so they could study human anatomyfrom cadaveurs. I showed the instructior my sketch book and asked to be allowed to sit in and sketch and observe the dissection. The class was great seeing the actual muscles in the face was 100% different than looking at muscle photos or pictures made of the face. I can see why Michelangelo thought it necessary for sculptors to study the human body up close.

Unfortunately, after the head was done I gave up on my dream of becoming a sculptor since I could never study the human body as Michelangelo had and gain the knowledge he had.

Because, my cadaveurs were old black people who had donated their bodies for medical research to my college. And if all I was going to sculpt were old black people than it would have worked out. But, I wanted more... It would have been nice to studied all rices, both sexes at various ages like 2, 10, 15, 22, 40, and at 65. Therefore,in my humble opinion, there will never be another sculptor like Michelangelo since sculptors today can't even study like he did.

I guess if I had went to some undeveloped country in I could have bribed someone to study, but I didn't.

Today. I work in all medias. I like working in chalks, pastels cause its fast, and I don't have to spend time mixing colors or letting the paints dry. I really never took any art classes in school. I graduated with a BS degree in computer science back in 1980.

Whenever, I pass a marble statue something stirs within me.Althoough, I haven't sculpted anything in stone..I have made many small modelsI in clay... I still consider myself a scuptor than a artist.As Michelangelo once said "To be a sculptor your first have to be a artist". I believe it. I also believe sculptors are also natural massuses. I can play with clay or massage for hours.