What did Leonmardo Looked Like?

Age 21, by by Andrea del Verrocchio the face of his broze "David" was made in 1473-5"

Verrocchio's, bronze statue of David

Student drawing of Leonardo maybe posing for Verrocchio's David? Definetly a different pose here.

Age 25, by Donato Bramante, fresco "Heraclitis and Democritus" in 1477.

Donato Bramante, fresco "Heraclitis and Democritus" in 1477.

Age 33, self-portrait, "The Vitruvian Man", 1485

Age 57, by Raphael, fresco "School of Athens", 1509-1511

From Leonardo's notebook

Age 58, Self-Portrait, 1510

Age 63, by Leonardo's favorite student Francesco Melz, in 1515-18

From Giorgio Vasari book on Leonardo, 1550

This was found behind the cover of a book



Age 67?,This painting is attributed to 16th-century Lombard artist Giovanni Ambrogio Figino

This painting shows Leonardo with a clawed Right hand.

Michelangelo , also had a clawed Left hand. In his final years (he probaly got it from hiting his hand with his hammer)

it is said that Leonardo stopped painting because of it This also could be due to nerve damage. They used alot of toxic paints back then. White was made from lead. Green was from copper. Leonardo, liked working in the paints with his fingers. His fingerprints have been found on his paintings.