More Pictures of the Last Supper in Belgium

Source: The Search for the Last Supper (2017)

Full Scale oil copy made by Leonardo and his workshop in 1507. This oil copy was made for French King Louis XII four years after he had finished his mural in Milan. Leonardo used the same cartoons for both paintings. So the dimesions of bnoth are the same.

IMHO, Saint John, definetly looks like a guy here and not a lady as claimed in

the 2003 movie "TheDa Vinci Code."

The same cartoons were used so the dimensions are the same as the mural: 460 cm 880 cm (180 in 350 in or 15 feet by 29 feet) This is one big oil painting.

This X-rays suggest that St. John and Christ were painted by Leonardo. The rest of the painting was done by his workshop with touchups by Leonardo.

It looks like the students skipped the ribbed ceiling depicted in the mural and the 1809 copy. Or, this could be smoke damage from the fire in 1933?

Another copy was made in 1809. From here on the painting goes downhill, very fast, with of the comming Industrial age. You can still see the spilled salt shaker in this 1809 copy.