Lost Painting and Sculptures

  • Head of a Faun...first sculpture There is a mask in the Museo Nazionale, Florence but the art experts attribute it to a 17th c sculptor. View

  • Statue of Hercules, Last in possession of King of France in 1713. Made when Michelangelo was 17. View

  • St. John or Giobsnnino, In Berlin Museum there is a statue but the experts are in dispute

  • Sleeping cupid made at same time as Bacchus. It was made to be sold as a "Roman Antique". The sleeping cupid was acquired in 1496 by Caesar Borgia (son of the reigning Pope Alexander VI) w3ho gave it as a gift to the Duke of Urbino whence it disappeared without a trace.
  • Standing Cupid also made at same time as Bacchus

  • Lifesize Bronze statue of david commisioned in 1502.

  • Bronze statue of of Pope Julius II. The statue was destroyed but the head was preservered in the Duke of Afonso of Ferrara's personal Art Gallery

  • Christ bearing Cross, mentioned as "no finita" in Michelangelos estate in 1564. Michelangelo's student Daniel de Volterra described it as "similar to Christ in Minerva, yet differing from it"

    Lost Paintings

  • Temptation of St. Anthony.

  • Ghirlandaio and his assistants at work in Santa Maria Novella (1489) in Ghirlandaio's possession

  • St, Francis Recieving Stigsta, said to be executed after a cartoon by Michelangelo

  • Battle of Cassina Cartoon (1504-05) fragments were preserved till 1635.

  • Leda and the Swan (1530). This painting was given to his student Antonio Mini, who took it with him to France. Mini's friend Benedetoo del Bene established a "Leda factory" in Lyons and made many copies of it. View

  • Fall of the angels sketches for never completed fresco that was to opposite the "Last Judgement" or over the entrance to the sistine chapel. One of Michelangelo's sistine color mixers executed a fresco in the Church rinita dei Monti in Rome from Michelangelo's Sketches. The church no longer exits.

    Wood/ Clay Architectural models

  • ALl of his architectural models have disapperared except for two models: 1) Wood model of St Peters; 2)Wood Model for San Lorenzo Church

  • Model for stair case of Biblioteca Lauenziana