Architecture Wooden Models

#1: St. Peters Dome
Wood, 17 feet 8 inch 12 feet 8 inch 1547,
Wood Model made by M for furture architects to finish. When M died only the drum of the come had been finished. on St. Peters.Dome was going to collapse so chain was made to strenchen it. he chain was placed inside the dome. When the dome was finally completed in 1590,it was made more pointed.

Most ancient domes collapsed due to failure to support the domes properly.. In the 18th century when cracks appeard in the dome four iron chians were wrapped around the inside of the dome.Ten chains are wrapped around it now.

This Wood model is displayed in St. Peters church

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1518 Wood Model for the front of St; Lorenzo church. It was never built. Click to enlarge.

Current view of the front of St Lorenzo church. Too bad M did not finish it.

This building looks more like a barn than a church. At least they could ;put a cross on the top.

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