• Why do the "experts" say the models are not by Michelangelo?

    Up untill the 20th century the Von Praun models were accepted as being originals by Michelangelo. When art experts (wanabe artists) examined the Von Praun models for the Haehnel (2nd owner of the models after Von Praun) estate sale they compared the compared the models to the statues and looked for differences. The were probably unaware of the paper trail going back to Michelangelo. In 1913 the models were apprasied at US $338,716.

    For example, in the terracota Michelangelo plaquette in the Santa Barbara, the art expert Thode in his 1913 article on the the Haehnel Collection (Von Praun) did not consider this to be by the hand of Michelangelo. Thode stated that the "muscles were to strong and too unpleaseant - exagerated in the manner of the sculptor Bandinelli (1488-1569)."

    Opinions: Authorities who consider the models in the von Praun Collection to be copies of lost original models by Michelangelo or direct copies of original works by Michelangelo

  • What is the proof the models are by Michelangelo?

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