Was Michelangelo a Cheapskate?

Michelangelo was a miser According to Rab Hatfield's book "Michelangelo's Wealth (2002)" Michelangelo died very rich. Michelangelo had 9,200 gold florins and another 9,000 florin owed to him by the church. A gold (54 grams) florin was worth betwen $140 to $1,000 (or 7 florintine Lira) when Michelangelo died.in 1564. This is accoring to his bank records which have survived from the 15th century.

Michelangelo wasn't a total miser it is reumored that he gave much money to support the poor prostitutes of Rome. He also supported his family buying proprties and houses.

In Carrera country in Italy Michelangelo's name is mud still to this day. They remeber him as a jerk for starving them back then. He didn't pay his stonecutters for the marbnle for Julius's tomb. And when he tried to get some more marble he had to get a new crew. When no one would ship his marbles by sea for the church he was refurbishing he had to form his own sea shipping company and hire outside sailors to do the work.