New Discoveries ....Are these By Michelangelo?

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Is this the clay model for Pieta in St. Peters?

After removing 9 layers of paint, art experts say it is in 2019. Click here

The original model for the Pieta was supposably given to Cardinal Jean Bilhères (who commissioned it) by Michelangelo.

25 " x 19" Could this oil painting stored behind a family sofa
in the USA be a Michelangelo worth up to $300 million?

Height: Manhatan Cupid, 1m
Discvered in 1996, as a fountain statue in the foyer of the French Interest Embassy in NYC. It has been there since 1906.

Arrotino, Height 111 cm(3.65 feet) Sandstone

This Michelangelo dawing recently sold for $10 million at auction. It was found in a stack of old sketeches.

14" Diameter marble bas-relief culpted around 1545, when Michelangelo was around 70. Private collection Italy

Draings found in the Prado Museum in Spain

Terracotta Madona Head, Height 27 cm, Private Collection in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Wooden Cruifix, Casa Buonarroti, Florence, Italy, 1562? Height 5"

Wooden Cruifix, Rome,Italy

Wax Model for the Florintine pieta for Michelangelo's tomb, Florence,Italy

A student of Michelangelo made a sketch of one of the panthers with a rider However, the arm is upright in the sketch. The arm could have been vhanged. The Panthers in aprivate collector in England. IMHO, the statues dpn't have the look and feel of a Michlelangelo they could be by students.

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