Visit the Museums and Private Collections where the FOUND models are today

This list does not reflect all the models in public and private collections. For example, Ludgwig Goldschnider, in his list, includes 6 models from the Vancouver Collection as being done by Michelangelo. This is rediculous since all the models in the Vancouver Collection came from the von Pruan collection which were collected by Von Praun with the advise of Michelangelo's students.

The von Praun Michelangelo collection was never added to after von Prauns death. The von Praun collection also remained intact when it was sold 1803. Haechel was the first buyer to break up the collection by selling the Medici Madona to Germany. Even then of the 40 models in the collection 33 where sold to Christies in 1938

A red star (*) indicates the models are in a private collection which need to be liberated and put in the public museum

  • David, London, England--1

    * Carcas, Casa Petri --2

  • Vancouver Collection, Vancouver Museum. Vancouver, Canada--18
    This collection will be viewable sometime in 2007

  • Houston Collection, Houston Museum of Fine Arts,Houston, Texas--1

  • Victoria & Albert Museum, London, England --4

  • Louvre, Paris, France --2

  • St. Peters, Vatican, Rome, Italy --1

  • Berlin Museum, Berlin, Germany--2

  • Morgenroth Collection, University of California at Santa Barbara, CA--1

  • Frick Collection, New York, USA--1

  • Metropolitian Museum of Art, New York, USA--1

  • Michelangeolo's House or Casa Buonarroti , Florence, Italy--19

  • Gigli Collection, Florence, Italy--1

  • Edinborough, Scotland--1