Models at Michelanglos House Casa Buonarroti, Florence, Italy

Check out the models at M's house now made into broze models


Bas-relief,Descent from the Cross. Plaster Cast from a lost wax relief by Michelangelo 1540-1542.


Slave wax model 1540-1542.

David, wax model with hook

David, wax model

Torso, clay

Awakening Boboli Slave, clay, about 1530

Allegory of Earty, clay, intended for Medici Tomb, 1525

Victory Group, clay, 1528

Polychrommed wood, Casa Buonarroti
Height 52 1/2in, about 1492
Michelangelo carved this cruxifix for the high altar of Saint Spirito in Florence, in gratitude for the prior's providing him with corpses to dissect.

Check out similar Cruxifix model at the Met in Nyc.

Wood Model for San Lorenzo Church .... and Church now,

Full Size Clay Model for River God for Medici Tomb never fininished

This full size sculpture was made so other less skilled sculptors that Michelangelo hired to help him, could work from.

Cross, wood model, about 1562

St Jerome, black wax