Metropolitian Muesum of Art, NY, USA

Bronze Cruifix after Wax Model
Metropolitian Muesum of Art, NY, USA
About 1520 or as late 1550-60

Polychrommed wood, Casa Buonarroti
Height 52 1/2in, about 1492

Michelangelo reversed the legs in the wooden model, gave the body a left twist, and straightened out the arms from the model. Which is a much better composition than the model.

Michelangelo carved this cruxifix for the high altar of S Spirito in Florence, in gratitude for the prior's providing him with corpses to dissect.

When this model was first attributed to Michelangelo in 1962, most art experts did not think it was done by Michelangelo cause the musculature was too slender. But if you look at the two models you can conclude that they were done by the same hand.

Sketch by Michelangelo
Height ?