Gigli Collection Florence Italy

Florentine Pieta....1st version...Wax Model Gigli Collection, Florence, Italy
In 1856, Count Ottabio Gigli saught to sell this wax model to the city of Florence, claiming it was the original model for the Pieta. It did not sell. In 1873, he sold it to Florence

Second version ..etching by Cherbino Alberti, 1580, The pre-sketch for this etching does not show the Left leg of Christ. So the pre- sketch may have been drawn directly off the statue. And the engraving fininished off 1)the second model or 2) from the first model or 3) the artist's imagination.

Florentine Pieta 1548-1556 Michelangelo stopped working on it in 1556 after he destroyed it He gave it to Francesco Bandini who had Tiberio Calcagni work on it. Calcagni died a few months after Michelangelo did and never finished it.

Bas Relief about 1560 The art experts say this is by a pupil of Michelangelo. But who knows it could be a real Michelangelo.

William Young Ottley (English 1771-1836) Pen & Ink, 1792 Vatican Museum