David Stucco Model in ???


David, Poured Stucco from a wax model

from Frederick Hartt book "David, by the Hand of Michelangelo" in 1987

How the David was made

According to Hartt this plaster model was cast from a wax model. The model has seems from casting and shows fire damage and evidence that it was buried in the earth.

The model used by Michelangelo to create the "David" was given to Cosmo I by Michelangelo himself. The model was recorded as being in the house till 1690 when there was a fire under the reign of Cosmo III. The fire destroyed 27 rooms in Cosmos's palace. After the fire the model dispappered. In 1987 this stucco model surfaced as being the model that was in Cosmo's House. It was a scam. You can read about the scam here.

The current whereabouts of the model is unknown. It's last home was a bank vault in England in 1987. This plaster model could still be the real model and it needs to be studied again.

This wax model is at Michelangelo House in Florence, Italy.

Could this be the actual wax model that Michelangelo used to carve the David? What needs to be done is for someone to go to Florence, Italy to Michelangelo's House and compare the Hartt Model to this one. Are they the same size? Are the details the same? Is the modeling of the pubic hair on Hartt model the same? Can a DNA study be done on the Wax found on the Hartt model be compared to a DNA of this wax model?

Pubic Hair on Hartt Model

I don't have good enough photos of the Michelangelo house wax model to see the details of the pubic hair. If I did this question of the real wax model could be resolved quickly

If so than the model Michelangelo used to carve the David has been found. Since it is well recorded that Michelangelo gave the model he used (it turns out a copy of the model) to Cosmo I the first.It is also recorded that the model was in Cosmo's house till the fire in 1690 destroyed his house.

Can someone in Florence or going to Florence check this out? This could be a significant find..