Models at St Peters, Vatican, Rome, Italy

Michelangelo is also recorded to have made 2 models in clay of St Peters Dome. He made the clay models so St. Peters could be finished after he died. According to Vasari, Maestro Giovanni, made the wooden model from Michelangelo's clay model. This wooden model was "executed with extreme nicety".

Michelangelo also made a model for St. Peter's church itself. In 1546 the Pope Paul III appointed Michelangelo architect when its old architect, Anatonio Sangallo died in 1546.

According to Vasari, Michelangelo said: "that Sangallo's design left the building without lights and that 50 years of work and 300,000 crowns might be saved by a simplification of the design, which he considered to elaborate with pinnacles, projections, and divisions of members. He made a model to prove this and it is the one that has since been used".

This model was probably made by someone(?) in wood after a copy by Michelangelo in clay. This wooden model exists today in the Vatican. According to Vasari it cost 25 crowns and was made in a fortnigh. Whereas, Michelangelo's competitor Sangallo's model for St. Peter's cost 4,000 crowns and was 7 years in the making.


Wood Model for St.Peters Done by Maestro Giovanni, after Design in clay by Michelangelo about 1558-61


Interior of model