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Reading this may seem disjointed due to my writing style. I am just writing NOTES here as I find them in books or on the internet. When I am done I will reorganize my notes into a more logical format. I will edit this and take out the repetions and check my spelling. I may even split this page into a couple of pages. Only God knows.

I have always found it hard to believe that the Mona Lisa in the Louvre is a portrait of a 24 year old lady. Leonardo would have to be one of the worst artst on the planet if this was his impression of a young lady. The Louvre Mona Lisa IMHO definetly looks like someone who is 30-40 years old. This partly based on my experiece of doing many portraits live of young ladies. Usually only the vain or the rich want their portraits done. Back than they didn't have cameras. Finding a good artist was hard to do then as it is now.

All the pioeces of the puzzle are comming together. This could not have been done 10 years ago. Yes, the recreation couold have been done years, even 400 years ago from Rapahel's ink skech. But, the proof that the Louvre painting is not the first painting could only happen now


But, the open questions about the Mona Lisa could only have been answered now.Who was the 24 year old Mona Lisa? Why was her portrait painted and not others more wealtheir or more pull? Why did the Louvre painting go to France and not to the person who commissioned it. Who is depcited in the Louvre painting and why was she painted? Did Leonardo make other copies of Ms Lisa? Are there other paintings underneath the Louvre's painting? Is the Louvre painting the first 3D painting? What is the secret to Ms Lisa's smile? Why when you look head on at the portrait she is not smiling, but from a side glance she is? These are all questions that could only have been answered in the last ten years.

The younger Mona Lisa has been lost to time. However, Raphel did make a quick ink sketch of it after Leonardo painted it. For my Covid19 project I will try to show what it would havbe looked like.

I will not try to replicate what Leonardo did. I am not a master artist. Instead, I will try to give my impression of what the first Mona Lisa would have looked like based on Raphel's pen sketch. This not something that will take a few days to complete. I will take me time and do as best a job as I can.

This is the research I am doing for this project.

Raphael's sketch done at time of Leonardo's painting in 1506. Ms Lisa del Giocondo was 24 when the painting was done. The painting was commissioned to celebrate the birth of her second son and a new home.

Raphael wourked this sketch into a finished painting "Young land with Unicorn"

This sketch does look like a lady who is in her early 20's. Whereas, the Louvre and Islewworth paintings depict a much older woman in dark colors.

Lisa's husband Francesco Giocondo was a silk merchant. At that time color shifting silk was very popular in Italy. Different colors of silk was woven into it. For example, Michelangelo ussd both green and gold to depict some of his figures in the sistine chapel to suggest the color shift ing silk. So Lisa's portrait would have been very colorful not dull and dark colors like the Louvre's. Note the background and Lisa's bodice are different from the Louvre's and Isleworth paintings. The landscape background is also different.

This painiting wass probably given to the Giocondo family and has since been lost to time.

This sketch seems to have a error in it. The nose seems too long. The length of of the nose should be equall to the distance between the center of the puplis.

Artists also divide also divided the face into thirds. From the chin to the forehead. 1/3. From the base of chin to the base of the nose is 1/3. And 1/3 from the base of nose to eyebrows.

This is my version of Raphlelsl's sketch corrected. IMHO, my lisa looks more like a 24 year old than Raphal's All i did was shorten her nose and shift the mouth over a hare..

Raphel's sketch may have been deliberate or Lisa really looked like Raphels's picture.

The key in portrait drawing is getting the proprtions right. if you get one proportion wrong it affects everything else.

The colors can be off but if the proportions are correct you can still recognize the face. Some artists skew the proprotions deliberately. Also some folks are just born with noses, mouths, and eyes, and chins that don't comfort to usual proportions.

In Raphael's finished portrait from his sketch of Lisa "Young land with Unicorn" Raphael used the same proprotions as in this sketch.

Raphel's sketch is not marked up with with holes. This means this sketch was not used (as a cartoon) to transfer the sketch to for painitng the "Lady with a Unicorn" instead it was a study of the "Mona Lisa" as Leonardo painted it.

This painting is known as the Isleworth Mona Lisa. Leondardo probably painted the face and hands and had a student finish the rest.

This painting and "Leda and the Swan" was given to Leonardo's student and companion Salai. Both paintings are mentioned in Salai's will 1524. After Saladi's death the "Leda" was lost to time. This painting eventaully becaome the Isleworth painting.

The painting looks like it is almost new. Very little aging has occured compared to the Louvre'a painting. However, paint samples and radiocarbon testing dates it to Leonardo's time.

It is not unusual for Leonardo to paint a second version of the "Mona Lisa". Since, Leonardo is known for making copies of his own painitngs by his studio

This painting is in the Louvre in Paris, France It depicts a older lady not one who is 24 year old and in the prime of her life. The lady is also wearing a veil which widows wore.

The painting was in Leonardo's possession when he died and later acquired by King Francis I of France after Leonardo's death. Leonardo told a visitor that the painting was of a "certain Florentine woman, done from life, and was commissioned by Giuliano de’ Medici.

Giuliano much admired Leonardo's 24 year old "Lisa" painting. He commissioned Leonardo to do a similar paintinf but of a older lady friend. from life.

Who was the lady in the Mona Lisa?

According to the Mona lisa org the most likely canidate for the Louvre painting is a older version using the same pose in the Raphael sketch.

A alternative theory, with some documenation, suggests that the Lovure painting depicts a older version of the same younger Mona Lisa. According to the book "The Three Mona Lisa's (2014)" by Rob Hatfield. Xray analysisd shows there are 2 paintings under the Louvre's painting of Lisa del Gioconda. All the paintings are of the same lady.

The first was done in 1503 for her new home and birth of her son. The second was painted in 1513 for her lover And the third was a revsion of the 1513 painting also done around 1516-1517.

Lisa was having a affair with Guiliano de Medici (1479-1516) Pope Leo X's younger brother. Guliano was govonor of Florence. Lisa's husband, Francesco, was ok with the affair since it improved his status.

Guilano admired the first painting and copmmissioned Leonardo to do another painting in the style of the first which he much admired. According to Rob Hatfield the first painting was left unfinished. Loeonardo reworked the first painting into the second painting.

Later Guiliano became the Duke of Nemours in France. after marying Filiberta, Febraury 1515 at the court of France,

Leonardo was invinted by the King Francis I of France to come to France in 1516 and work for him. Leonardo took painting with him to give to Guilano who was now in France. However, the Duke Guilano died in march of 1516 a month after his wedding.

Since Guiliano died, Leonardo kept the painting and reworked the 2nd version into the one that is now in the Louvre from 1516-19517)

Canadian Researches made 3D laser scans claim that the veil Mona Lisa is wearing reprsents birth. Or, that the Mona Lisa is pregnant. Or the paiting should be renamed "Mama Lisa" The real Ms Lisa Gioconda lost a son in 1499 around the time that Guiliano painting was done.

The scans also reveal that Ms Lisa Gioconda was a redhead. Her hair has since turned brown.

In the 1950s, Nat King Cole asked in a song if she was smiling to "tempt a lover" or "to hide a broken heart?"

Check out this short 12 minute documentry the "Rebuilding the Renaissance Season 1 Episode 10 (2018)", on the by Dr.Rocky Ruggiero, explaing foregoing "3 Mona Lisa theory"

This 12 minute documentry discusses theory of why the Louvre's Mona Lisa was painted, who it was of, who it was painted for and how it got to France instead of the patron..

In 2015, Pascal Cotte, Finished ten year study of the Louvre painting using multispectral multi-scanning with 12 different wavelengths. His work also revels that there weer two paintings underneath the Louvre's painting. This is the first painting unerneath. As you can see it is quite different from the Rapahel Sketch. Therefore, IMHO, it is not the first Ms Lisa Portrait. More likely, it is another portrait of Ms Lisa by Leonardo with student help.

View here.

In the book this scans show Ms Lisa sitting in a chair with one of her hands on the chair's arm rest. I highly recommend you get Cotte's book here

Cotte's 60 minute documentry The "Secrets of Mona Lis" here

More hidden images in Louvre's painting uncovered by Cotte.

Top 10 Hidden Secrets in The Mona Lisa

8 Dark Secrets Of Mona Lisa You Will Never Stop Speaking About

However, if the first painting from 1503 does not resemble Raphel's sketch with bordering columns than this theory is baseless. And Leonardo, just made another copy of a favorite paining for the first painting.

I have not read Hatfield's book so i don't know what the xrays have revealed. However, Pascal Cotte work does show the 1st painting in COLORS. As you can see no columns and slight differences in dress and background to the Raphael sketch

Decoding da Vinci PBS 2019 Documentry
which revels the sciece behind the Mona Lisa's iconic smile and the paintings behind the paintings.

Mona Lisa Digital Face Lift:with varnish removed and colors restored to its true colors. This based on scans using 12 wavelengths and the chemical analysis of the paints Leonard used. This took Mr. Cotte ten years to do. He finished in 2015.

Was the Mona Lisa the first 3D painting? This appeared in Artnetnews. in May 2014.

This idea was suggested in 2014 in the article Researchers reveal that mona lisa may be history's first 3-D image in DesignBoom in May 2014. This is a much more detailed article giving details on How leonardo did it

Both paintings were done at the same time since they have the same corrections, but with different viewpints, Both paintings have the same dimensions Louvre (30 in × 21 in) and Prado (30.0 in × 22 in). The figure in the Louvre painting is a slighly smaller image. The paintings were painted side by with the Prodo painted closer to the model .

But, when both paintins are overlaid you get a 3D image. This is more proof that Leonardo made copies of his own work. The Prado painting is in better shape than the Louvre's. The Prado was cleaned in 2012. The Louvre's painting hads never been restored. The green background colors in the Louvre's painting will turn blue when the varnish is removed and the colors restored. . Using Multi-scans and chemical signature of the paints Mr Cotte has restored the true colors to the Louvre's painting digitally in 2015.

Also before the Prado painting was restored the background was totally black. When it was re4stored the Mona Lisa background poped out.

This is the setup that Leonardo used to make his 3D painting. As you can see it would have been impossible for the paintings to have been painted side by side. There would not have been enough room for both artists to view the subjects. That is why one portait was painted closer to the subject than the other. Hence, when painted closer the image is also bigger. They didn't have stero camera's around 1515 when these were painted for Giuliano de' Medici. Ms Lisa was 24 in 1506 when her portrait was made. She would have been 33 years old when these paintings were done. IMHO, these paintings look like a 30 something landy and not someone 24 years old.

This image shows a artist using a wire grid and a sighting stick to draw a portrait. The sighting stick is used to make sure the artist is using the same view every time. In the imaghe, the sighting stick tip is close to the artist's eye. See the above circle.

Leonardo and the other artist would have had the sighting stick attached to their easels. The sighting stick would have been on a hinge so the artist could pull it out and get a "fix" then put it back to get the "big" picture.

Leonardo and the other painter probably had a sighting stick set up to make sure the would get the stero view right He didn't use it to draw but as a reference point to make sure he was on track.

When viewing the restored Prado to the unrestored Lourve. The colors do not match up and hence the 3d image is sketchy. However, when the Louvre is digiatally restored you get more or a 3D effect.3D viewing works best when the images are exact except for the shift. Leonardo probably made a special viewing glass to view the paintings in 3D. Which would be nothing like what I using to view it in 3d.

A short video on the steroccopic Mona Lisa.

Prado Louvre

This Lourve was restored digitally using a image editor. Look ma no cracks!. Cotte's restoration was done using a compter. This resotration was done by a human using a image editor.

What colors a computer or camera sees are very different from what a human sees. For example, a human can do a better job at depicting the red color in your dress than a photograph ever could.

The original has tons of cracks in every square inch of the painting. The painting is also badly faded. This may be because Leonardo had severe arthris in his last years and probably cranked up the heat in his fireplace which didn't do to good to the paintings in the room.

Watch the "The true colours of the Mona Lisa" video here

Leonardo's steroscope

To provide enogh light this could have been set up outside. I hang hang the two paintings side by side on a dark backgroun. A viewing stand 5-6? feet away looking down the middle of the pictures.

The viewing stand would have 2 eye holes to look out with the correct distance betwee the eyes.. A blanket would be hung from the stand to the middle of the 2 pictures. The blanket would keep the eyes from wandering.

My 3d Ms Lisa Viewer...BS

My 3D Ms Lisa Viewer

IMHO, The human restored image gives a better 3D iumage that the Cottee computer analysis. This is because the human restoration looks more like the Prado.

To get a 3D images the two images should be resemlble each other. Also, all of the cracks in the Louvre's are taken out. A computer or a photograph can not match up the colors accurately. The blue on your dress is different from what a artist and a machines "see". The artist, IMHO, is more accurate. Also whatever the camera's "focus point" is ok, But, the rest of the photo is distored. Foregrounds, are notorosuly distorted in photos.

More Ms Lisa 3d videos:

Part 1; Are the Mona Lisa(s) in 3D ??

Part 2:Did Leonardo Paint in 3D ?

Part 3; Did Leonardo da Vinci create the Last Supper in 3D ??

See 3D with a Simple Piece of Paper

You can buy his 3D book here

No tax records on sale of ml

No tax records exist to show that Leonardo was paid anything for his painting. The taxes were very stict back then in Florence. This has been used to suggest that Leonardo never delivered the painting to Ms Lisa. However, Guliano, Raphael, and many others had seen and admired the first Ms Lisa as painted by Leonardo.

Ms Lisa's husband was a rich silk merchant. Leonardo could have done a barter silk for a painting and kept everything off the tax books. After all, silk dress, robes where probably a "must have" item back in the day for the "uber" rich.

Leonardo Self-Portrait in 3D. He was about 40 something here. Note the white in his beard.

The Lucan painting is located in the Museo delle Antiche Genti di Lucania, (Museum of the Ancient People of Lucania) in Vaglio Basilicata,Italy. Leonardo probably painted this painting.

. In 1815, it was located in Duke of Baranello, (Russo family) palace in the Palazzo Baranello.

The Uffizi portrait is in the Uffizi Gallery, in Italy was done by a student of Leonardo.

The Lucan painting was heavily damaged.

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