David Model for Cosomo I

David, clay model, M's house

Plaster, discovered in 1980?,
Height: Torso 31.5 cm or 12.40       Estimated Full Model 51.5cm or 20.2 in

David, marble,,rear

This plaster/stuco has alabaster in it so the model wich makes it looks "alive" than if it were just plaster. The model shows fire damage and evidence that it was buried in the earth.

This model has a interesting hisory. The model was passed off as being the model was given to Cosmo I by Michelangelo himself. The model remained there in Cosmo III house. There was a fire in the area where the model wass kept on Dec 17, 1690. After the fire the model dispappered.

As part of the scam owners asked Frederick Hart to give his opinion as to the authenticity of the model. Hartt worte a book called "David, by the Hand of Michelangelo" in 1987. The model was given tests to determine if it was a fake. The tests were inconclusive. Most art scholars discredit this model,

The model was reportedly bought at a street fair in Greece in 1982, although even this is questionable. The model may be real thing. Only Gof knows. It is it does look similar to the wax model at Michelangelo's house.

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According to Hartt's book, the plaster model shows signs of being cast from a wax model. So...this plaster model may have been cast from the wax model thats in Michelangelo's House The detail on the pubic hair would match up then it would prove it...only if a if a clear photo of the wax model was available). If they are the same than the wax model in Michelangelo's house is the wax model that was used to create the "David". Since the plaster was given to Cosmo I by Michelangelo.