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Changes to Rapehel's Sketch

Raphel made a quick ink sketch of the oil Mona Lisa in 1504 after it was finished and drying. The ink sketch was probably done in less than 15 minutes. When working in ink you cannot correct your errors. Raphel although a great artist made a few errors which need to be corrected before I can do the recreation.

In addition to fixing the errors, I will also rotate Ms. Lisa's face a few degrees, to get her classic smile she is known for.

My lady will look like she's 24 years old. I will update this as I am working on it.

I shorten her nose a hare. According to longtime standards of facial proportions Raphel made a few mistakes. Remeber this was just a quick 15 min ink sketch. It is not a accurate copy. Futhermore, in ink you cannot correct your mistakes.

Portrait Ratios

Shortened nose.

I also have to rotate her face as to get that mona lisa smile. Green is the real Ms. Lisa smile. Yellow is the Raphel smile.

Also something is wrong with that right shoulder . Lisa's neck is too wide ande the shoulder angle is wrong. Remeber this is a quick ink sketch. Not a detailed study. You can see the doiuble line along the right shoulder where he tried to correct it.

Raphel's chin is also very square for a female.