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My Covid19 Art Project: Recreate the "Lost" 1st Mona Lisa

Her face will be rotated like Leonardo's painting and have the smile. But the lady will look like she's 24 years old.

My painting is not going to be a detailed study. But, just a suggestion of what the first Mona Lisa paimtomg probably looked like.

Louvre dimension 30"x21", Mine 18"x24" maybe larger.

I shorten the nose a hare.....

These are the dress colors I am thinking of using..Maybe use a bright pink than the red.

On closer inspection, that's hair not a hat. IMHO, hair looks better on her. Final version with red or pink on hair band and sleaves The silks will also be color shift changing. See here

Her husband was a silk merchant. The Green will become both green and gold.


Lighter colors

I can't get folds on dress right from the sketch. Raphel is kinda suggestive on this.It's just a quick pen sketch. So I will try to hire a Renaissance model to dress up.

The white top looks like it is pleaded. I doubt if it goes straight across like Raphel shows.

If not will hire someone to sew up a gown and than put it on a mannequin. I don't need a full dress just the front part. to stick on a manaquin. Actually, a lot of artists use to paint the clothing off of mannequins.

I have been researching Renaissance dresses. I have decided the dress must be silk andnot. Ms Lisa's husdbsand was a silk merchant and she would have wanted to show off the family stock. Also the reflections off of silk are\ a lot different from cotton or velvet.

They did have white silk back then but the white dye was toxic. Ms Lisa lived a long time so the top will be white pleated cotton and not silk.

A full size head study will be next. I am Looking for a 24-22 yaar old or less, Italian,female, dark hair, dark eyes, and a dimple here.

Raphel sketch shows Lisa with a dimple chin. I don't think Lisa had such a big dimple like that. IMOHO, it was probably more subltle dimple, like these.

Remember Rhapel's ink sketch wase just a quick compy. This is probably just another error by Raphel.