Leonardo's workshop made copies of his own paintings


Da Vinci Last Supper in Milan 1499

King Louis XII of France commissioned Leonardo in 1507 to make a full-size canvas copy of his "Last Supper". It was sold to the Tongerlo Abbey in Antwerpt, Belgium in 1545. It has remained there for the last 475 years.

This was a group project by Leonardo and his students. The figures of Jesus and St. John were probably painted by Leonardo as xr\-rays show no underdrawings.

More Pictures that show what Leonaardo intended.

Leondardo's studio made a thrd canvas copy 1520. Leonardo died in 1519. It was eventually bought By the Royal Art Academy in 1821 in Lodnon England. It is a full size canvas copy. However, this painting is not a exact copy as students are forever trying to improve upon their teachers work.