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My ML: A Work in Progress

My painting is not going to be a recreation. But, just a suggestion of what the first Mona Lisa painting probably looked like.

1)The Louvre's ML dimensions are 30"x21", Mine 18"x24" maybe larger.

2) I have to correct the errors in Raphel's sketch.

3) I have to rotate Raphel's skektch of her head so I can do the ML smile.

4) Decide the colors of her dress. Hire a Renaissance dressmaker to make a dress for me and pastel studies of it.

5) Two paintings will be done. The first will be based on the Raphel sketch with errors corrected.. The second painting will have her head and body turned, like the Louvre ML, so she can have that famous ML "smile".

6) Make studies of her head n charcoal and pastels. I may even do one in clay.

7) Hire a Italian model for that Italian look and makes some H studies in pastels

8) Make a Youtube video of me making a copy of both of my ML's in timelapse.